Our History

SODIRA Connect is a company specialized in the field of “Edge Computing” which uses all the power of its technologies to serve the Internet of Things (IoT) and Content Delivery markets worldwide through its innovative products and services. Its offer includes intelligent gateways that embed innovative software solutions such as caching, prefetching, secured data processing (including pictures, videos etc.) and a software solution suite installed locally or in the cloud to manage a complete network of sensors, intelligent gateways, contents and applications, while preserving the important aspects of security & safety. From its past experience and through its internal R&D team, SODIRA Connect actively contributes to the evolution of technologies related to the “Edge Computing” field notably through its participation in collaborative projects at European, national and local level.

Our Mission

SODIRA Connect is continuously listening to the market trends and to its customer’s needs in order to improve its offer and propose therefore the best value to money solution to its customers, at the most appropriate time.
In order to fulfill exactly the customer needs, SODIRA Connect can build vertical solutions, based on its existing product lines, adapted to any customers and market specific needs, i.e. Smart Lighting, Smart Air Quality, Smart Tracking solutions, etc.

Smart City

Smart Parking

Waste Management

Water Management

Light Management

Smart Transport

Smart road
Smart railway
Smart ocean
Smart airport

Smart Industry

Industry 4.0
Smart building
Oil & Gaz

Smart Environment

Air quality
Sustain ability

Smart Agriculture

Field monitoring
Disease predictions

Smart Health

Smart hospital

Our Solutions


An eco-responsible lighting solution for indoor and
outdoor use cases.

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NX Gateway

Remotely configurable indoor and outdoor gateways.

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NX Manager

Cloud and Embedded Supervision software

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We connect Anything, Anywhere, Anytime

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