According to FNCCR, Public lighting represents the first item of electricity consumption in a municipality. Most light points are now mechanically controlled and produce the same light intensity throughout the night. However, depending on the space and time, each place does not need the same level of illumination. Smart lighting therefore makes it possible to provide a lighting solution that is more adapted in terms of switching on times and light intensity. Depending on the context and the technology used, the savings in energy consumption and therefore in expenses for communities thanks to the implementation of intelligent public lighting, would be of the order of 50 to 85%.

Based on the Practical Guide to Intelligent Public Lighting – FNCCR

As part of a space energy progress plan, marking the modernization of lighting installations, i.e. about 20% of its electricity consumption, is one of the most profitable operations, in the very short term, and sustainably. Lighting can be a first step to a process of reducing energy consumption, with simple and proven solutions. Modernizing lighting, combining it with automatic presence detection and daylight servography, means at least halving consumption, or immediately reducing your overall electricity bill by 10%.

According to Philippe Pelletier, president of the Sustainable Building Plan.


SODIRA Connect revolutionizes the management of the park of light points. A versatile gateway is installed in the cabinet and allows remote control of the lighting electrical network via our LuxManager software: synchronized ephemeris, visualization of the status of the relays (door opening, etc.), LinKy consumption, on/off forcing, event log, mapping. This same gateway also makes it possible to radio connect up to 800 light points. Whether you want to operate your electrical cabinets or your light points, Sodira Smart Lighting allows you to implement more virtuous lighting where and when it is needed.



The Zhaga / DALI radio node by SODIRA Connect. Located on each luminaire, together with the Nx Gateways, they build a high-density, short- or long-range private network. Available in 80mm or 40mm.

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Private Network

A high-density, short- or long-range private network based on Wirepas Mesh technology. Wirepas provide Industrial-grade reliability and security required in B2B large-scale IoT applications.

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Switching from traditional lighting to
LED lighting is a source
of 50% savings.

Save 70% more with
SODIRA Smart Lighting !


Nx Gateway

Remotely configurable indoor and outdoor gateways. 1 NxGateway alone can control up to 400 Araknodes, building a high-density, short- or long-range private network. Indoor version is an easy to install and cost competitive IoT gateway. Outdoor version is a versatile 2.4GHz and 5G 1.9GHz IoT gateway

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The Smart Lighting configuration & monitoring software by SODIRA Connect. The software can be used as an embedded version for a local administration, or as a cloud version. Includes advanced features for programming DALI and WP commands : nodes management, remote configuration and updates, timetable, etc.

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